On site Classes

Want to boost your appeal to busy parents? We come to you! As a centre, you can now add Movement and Dance to the extracurricular activities you have on offer. We offer onsite, low cost access to dance and movement classes and a programme designed to work alongside the Te Whāriki curriculum. Sound like something you could be interested in? All we need is a room big enough for the number of children per class. In order to best cater to the many centres different needs we invoice the centre directly, letting you decide wether to invoice the parents or to partly or fully subsidise the classes for your students.

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Prospective Students

At JitterBubs Dance and Movement we understand the holistic way in which children learn. Our programme uses dance and movement as the means in which we help children develop their confidence and sense of self. While working on The Fundamental Five Skills we have based our programme on, our JitterBubs also develop listening, problem solving and team-work skills. Our programme is an excellent addition for the preparation of a child's transition to school!

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Who are we?

JitterBubs Movement and Dance is an Auckland based business focused on preschool dance and movement. We specialise in onsite work, meaning we provide the service at and during preschool. We understand the nature of the world we live in and how hard it can be for busy parents to cater to many after school and weekend programs for their children.

The onsite approach allows shy and reserved students the opportunity to approach dance and movement in a familiar environment alongside children they are already comfortable with. This is a great stepping stone for future dance classes which are more structured and may prove difficult for some children. We encourage students to participate and learn at their own pace, in a fun and creative programme designed and developed specifically for preschoolers.


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Do you want to give your children access to the best opportunities but struggle to find the time? Are you an Early Childhood Centre wanting to expand your extracurricular options?

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