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At what age can my child join a class?

Our programme is designed for children attending pre-school. We offer two classes both divided by age and skill level, Groovers (2-3yo) and Movers (3-5.5yo). Our approach focuses on the child as an individual, and we understand that each child develops at a different pace therefore we are accomodating to all levels of young JitterBubs.

How do I sign up my little JitterBub?

We are coming to your Early-Childhood Centre? Yay! If your centre is subsidising the classes then you don't need to do a thing! Just make sure you little JitterBub is dressed in comfortable, nonrestrictive clothes for our classes! If your centre is now offering our classes on an optional basis, you can sign up on the form provided at the sign in desk at your centre. Pricing options will be available alongside the sign in sheet or upon request! We look forward to meeting you all!

We're an Early Childhood Centre interested in your services, where to from here?

We provide pamphlets and posters to help with advertisement. All we need is a room big enough for the number of children per class. In order to best cater to each centre, we offer different different payment options, letting you decide wether to invoice the parents or to partly or fully subsidise the classes for your students. Note: We invoice the centre for the WHOLE term cost if subsidised by parents or on a monthly basis if invoicing on an hourly rate to the centre.

We are currently taking applications for our Auckland classes beginning in Term 4, contact us today to find out more.