Information for Early Childhood Centers

Want to boost your appeal to busy parents? We come to you! As a centre, you can now add Dance to the extracurricular activities you have on offer. All we need is a room spacious enough for the number of children in each class.  In order to best cater to each centres' different needs we invoice the centre directly, letting you decide wether to invoice the parents or to partly or fully subsidise the classes for your students.

Our programme was designed to work alongside the principles and four strands of Te Whāriki. We strongly believe that every child should have access to movement and dance exploration regardless of their background.

In our classes, the well being of the children both emotional and physically are protected and nurtured through opportunities to grow their confidence and develop a love for an active life. The children develop a sense of belonging and their contribution is encouraged throughout the classes by allowing them to make choices about how to move and explore. Through this, the children learn both verbal and non-verbal skills which intercross to other areas of their social and personal development. Learning through active exploration of their body and environment, our students develop and gain confidence and control of their bodies.

We understand that young children learn holistically and thus our moto- Discover, Develop, Dance- as the child discovers their body through movement, we aid them in developing fundamental skills such as balance, rhythm, coordination, listening, confidence and creativity through the elements of dance and movement.

Information for Parents

Our programme focuses on developing confidence and social skills  through the exploration of movement and dance skills, because of this our programme provides a foundation which aids the children in future dance training as well as their development and transition into pre-school and into school. With experience both in teaching pre-school and primary ballet as well as working as a key teacher and reliever in early childhood centres, our director Camila Leal Rossi has crafted a programme which focuses on encouraging children to express themselves through movement.

The onsite approach allows shy and reserved students the opportunity to approach creative movement in a familiar environment alongside children they are already familiar with. This is a great stepping stone for future dance classes which are more structured and may prove difficult for the more reserved or free-spirited children. We encourage students to participate and learn at their own pace, in a fun and creative programme designed and developed specifically for preschoolers.

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Do you want to give your children access to the best opportunities but struggle to find the time? Are you an Early Childhood Centre wanting to expand your extracurricular options?

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